Transporting an Inflatable Kayak to Remote Waters

The portability to an inflatable kayak and a remote, undeveloped body of water can be a perfect partnership. How many people know of this body of water, have even seen it, let alone been on it to paddle or fish? This is just part of … Read more

How Much Do Inflatable Kayaks Weigh?

One of my favorite reasons for owning an inflatable kayak is the lighter weight in comparison to similar hardshell kayaks. So, how much does an average inflatable kayak weigh? In short, an average inflatable kayak for solo paddlers weighs around 30 pounds (13.6 kg) and … Read more

How to Tandem Paddle an Inflatable Kayak

To answer this question, we have to look at the complete picture of things. There are general considerations that apply for both solo and tandem paddlers, and then there are specific scenarios and expectations to paddling with another person that differ. Understanding and experiences, along … Read more

How Comfortable is Paddling an Inflatable Kayak?

Comfort is always a high priority for people. We wouldn’t pay what we do for quality furniture and beds if this weren’t the case. And whether you are new to the paddling world or you are curious how inflatable kayaks compare to what you are … Read more

How Stable are Inflatable Kayaks?

Whether you are in the market for an inflatable kayak or you design and sell them, stability is of utmost concern. It is hard to find a higher priority than keeping you inside what holds you afloat, but that applies to any watercraft. It’s instinctual … Read more

11 Reasons Why I Bought an Inflatable Boat

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How I Fish Remote Lakes In My Local Area

I’ve always loved fishing, and for most of my life, this has meant fishing for panfish in the Northwoods of Wisconsin on a full recreation lake. I’ll always appreciate that kind of fishing, but lately, I’ve been hankering for something a little different: fishing isolated … Read more

Difference Between Inflatable Boats and Inflatable Kayaks

When I was in the process of buying my inflatable boat, I’m pretty sure I routinely mixed up the terms ‘inflatable boat’ and ‘inflatable kayak.’ To avoid further confusion, I did some research to figure out exactly what the differences and similarities were between the … Read more